Aselia Con

Website for a 'Tales Of' game convention in Texas. Includes a fully custom CMS system with an easily readable responsive con schedule built-in.

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Legendary Destination

Website for a webcomic. Includes a fully custom CMS for managing pages, chapters, news posts, and a gallery.

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Pressed Pennies Collection

Personal website for me to keep track of my pressed penny collection. Includes a custom CMS for managing pennies, dynamic search for location, and a Google Maps view.

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Gray Ghost Creations

Portfolio website for a nature artist. Built in WordPress.

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Zhon Creations

Commission-focused website for a taxidermist.

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Ohu Dogs

Virtual pet site revolving around dogs in Japan. Includes a dynamic 'dog creator', forum, and messaging system.

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The Warren

A fansite dedicated to 'Watership Down' and its adaptations. Still under construction.