Occasionally I will take on freelance website commissions! Prices vary by project. Please contact me with your website idea if interested!

Past Projects

Silver Fang Network

Website listing of sites related to the Ginga fandom. Network sites I also built: Silver Fang Con, GingaMerch, Calling All Soldiers, Battle for Futago Pass, Meme Maker, and Ohu Dogs.

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Anxiety Fox

Static website, made to be accessible and minimal.

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Aselia Con

Custom CMS website with built in con schedule viewer.

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Rappig Crossing

Custom website with built in panel scheduler.

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Paradox Pins

Custom CMS website with built in commission manager and integrated Square store.

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Custom CMS website.

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Fursona Pins Species Masterlist

Database of all pins from a pin company, including stats and custom collection lists.

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Itabag Central

Resource site for anyone interested in itabagging. Built in Wordpress.

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Rainy Day Anime

Local anime store. Built in Wordpress and uses a Google calendar embed.

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