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Website Commission Terms

By choosing to commission a website from me, you must agree to these terms and conditions.

Steps & Payment

Note: I will not write content for you, you must provide text and imagery for your site.

Changes or additions outside of the site outside of the agreed upon scope might incur additional fees.


Domain Name

If you do not currently have a domain name, I suggest you buy one now! Domains can go fast and are generally inexpensive (about $10/year) so buying one is a good idea so no one else takes your preferred domain. If you would like to wait to use it for your website, you can easily make it redirect to your social media of choice.

I suggest buying a domain through Namecheap or Cloudflare.

Note: domains and hosting can be through two different services. They are not connected, and a domain can be moved if you want.

Do not search for a domain through GoDaddy! They are known to buy searched for domains and then charge you an extremely inflated amount to get it back!


A host is where your website actually lives. Think of your domain as the street address (just an arbitrary name) and the host is your actual physical house.

I recommend 3 hosting options:

For a single website, the lowest shared hosting plan should be enough. If you are wanting to have a larger, more complex site or multiple sites, then a higher level plan is recommended.

Note: Namecheap and A2 (and pretty much all other hosts) often have a deal for the first year, but after that the price will increase slightly.