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Art, pins, and more by DeguArts.

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August 19–21, 2022

Find me in the Dealer’s Den with pins, keychains, customizable rodent buttons, and more! I will also be sharing with the Silver Fang Network and have official and fanmade Ginga merchandise!

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Sunflower SeedsShop Sunflower Seeds
Chinchilla and Degu Buttons
Blucifer Penny
Ginga MousepadShop Ginga Mousepad
Rappig Shaker Keychain
MiniCon Booth
Capybara Charms
Grasshopper Mouse
Maned Rat
European Hamster
Ghost Trick Keychain
Watership Down
Toad Keychain

What is a degu?

Degus (Octodon degus) are small rodents native to Chile. They are extremely social rodets and live in large groups in the wild, even communally raising young. Degus have a few noticeable physical features: their ears have a lima bean shape, their tails have a tuft of longer fur on the end, they have long back feet, and they have a flat square nose—similar to a guinea pig or chinchilla. They are slightly smaller than your average pet rat.

You can learn more about degus at odegus.com!