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My name is Kelsey and I'm a Colorado artist who loves rodents and lagomorphs! My artwork is focused on getting people excited about our small mammal friends, whether it be pets or some cool wildlife. I hope I can teach others about how unique these animals can be and maybe introduce them to a new favorite rodent or rabbit!

My latest artwork can be seen on Artfol and Instagram.

I mainly attend Colorado events. You can view my schedule on my calendar.

2024 Table

Sustainability & Charity

I have been making an effort to make my merchandise more eco-friendly! Most of my pins, keychains, and patches are made from sustainable wood or recycled materials. I also donate a portion of the proceeds from my sales to the HeroRATs, Pika Project, and other charities.

Charity Items

Watership Down

In 2022, I obtained licensing rights for Watership Down merchandise. I'm excited to share my love of this amazing book! My licensed items include enamel pins, an embroidered patch, and a pressed penny. You can view these in my Watership Down shop.

Officially Licensed Watership Down Items

Miniature Merch

A lot of rodents are small, so I felt a miniature booth with mini-products would be a cute and fun addition to my table! You can find miniature sitckers, pins, and more by visiting Charles the hamster within my larger booth. Be sure to say hi when you see him! Learn more about Charles!

Charles' Mini-Booth

Pressed Pennies

A more unique item that I sell are pressed pennies. I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember, and I love seeing people's faces light up when they remember collecting them as a child! These are one of the few items I take commissions for, or you can view my penny shop!

Pressed Penny Example

More Art & Merchandise

View more art and merchandise in my shop and on Artfol!

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